“This season is about death”: Carrie Coon teases The White Lotus – season 3

“This season is about death”: Carrie Coon teases The White Lotus – season 3

Member of the five-star cast of the next part of Mike White's series, Carrie Coon opens the door to this new HBO universe.

Coming “boost the cast of season 3 of The White Lotus”, Carrie Coon took advantage of an invitation to the podcast “Little Gold Men” of Vanity Fair to reveal some elements of the highly anticipated season 3 of The White Lotus. The actress of Leftovers plays there alongside Walton Goggins, Aimee Lou Wood, Michelle Monaghan, Parker Posey, Jason Isaacs, Leslie Bibbs, Patrick Schwarzeneggerand the last arrival, Charlotte Le Bon.

Charlotte Le Bon joins the cast of The White Lotus

If the first two seasons of the flagship HBO series take viewers to heavenly hotels on the islands of Hawaii and Sicily, this time the production has chosen to export to Thailand, but always with the same principle: bringing together in a hotel a group of characters, each more eccentric than the other. A concept carried from the beginning by Mike White, creator and screenwriter of the series. A figure for which Carrie Coon has nothing but praise:

“I think he plays with some very interesting dynamics. I suppose he would keep doing that if we let him, because I think he would like to get bigger and more international and bring together weirder groups of people – that's it. is what excites him, for me it’s important in this world, to see people compete in this way.”

In addition to being based on complex and deeply embarrassing characters – including the legendary one of Tanya McQuoid played by Jennifer CoolidgeThe White Lotusit is also and above all a social satire, which in each of its seasons, strives to represent all levels of the hotel's social ladder.

“Of course he satirizes rich white people, and he does it very wellcontinues Carrie Coon. It’s aimed at people who need to be spoken to in a very interesting way.”

Revealing a little of the issues of the new part of this anthology series, the actress adds:

“He had a season about money, a season about sex. And here is his season about death. So here we are in this Buddhist country.”

An element which is added to the meager list of information that HBO has kindly allowed to leak about this upcoming season, namely that it would follow a new group of tourists in Thailand, including a couple of mothers, a business executive a businessman, a misfit, a yogi, an actress, and the patriarch of a family gang.

The broadcast of this third season of The White Lotus is planned for 2025. As for Carrie Coon, in addition to Ghostbusters: The Ice Threat still playing in theaters, she is expected to play a role in the comedy Another Happy Day of Nora Fifferand that she reprises her role as Bertha Russell in season 3 of The Gilded AgeTHE Downton Abbey American.

First behind-the-scenes photos from White Lotus, season 3

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