Cold snap on True Detective: the chilling trailer for season 4

True Detective Season 4 Is the Best Since Season 1 (Review)

Nic Pizzolatto removed, the criminal anthology finds new life. An icy breath, carried by the dark landscapes of Alaska, the real star of this fourth season.

What makes True Detective East True Detective ? What is the hallmark of the detective anthology, which tells of distinct and unrelated investigations? Issa Lopez (Tigers Are Not Afraid) must have seriously asked himself the question, when HBO entrusted him with the keys to season 4 – which has just started (in France on Prime Video via the Warner Pass). It is clear that she was able to find the “True Det” touch, that little extra something that takes the dark thriller to another dimension. Enough to reconnect with the extraordinarily exhilarating experience of season 1. If the anthology remains and will remain haunted by the vibrant memory of Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, incomparable, Jodie Foster And Kali Reis are certainly the True Detectives who come closest!

Five years after a pleasant season 3, we dive back into a new sordid affair, the first that Nick Pizzolatto did not write. The creator and screenwriter of the entire saga was dismissed, after failing to repeat his initial performance. And it’s sure Issa Lopez, a little-known Mexican filmmaker, whom HBO has chosen for this chapter of the revival. She signs a completely frosty investigation, deep in Alaska.

In the isolated town of Ennis, it’s time for the last sunset of the year before darkness sets in for weeks. But the night will quickly turn blood red, after a massacre in an Arctic research station. A group of scientists disappears and the local police chief finds herself on the case, helped by a colleague with Alaskan Native American roots.

Of True Detective in the text ! In this gloomy setting, we find the nebulous atmosphere – tinged with unexplained mysteries based on local beliefs – that we had come to look for. Moving to Alaska is undeniably the best idea of ​​the season. The icy landscapes and this absence of natural light bring a permanent thrill. Even though the series was not filmed on location (but in Iceland), the decorum of Night Country makes all the difference, while the duo of investigators carry out their routine mission.

In the purest “True Det” tradition, Jodie Foster And Kali Reis happily pull each other out as the horror of the affair is revealed. Obviously, we are far from the humid and dirty atmosphere of the bayou. But this season 4 emphasizes its strengths, on the scary, the dark, the sometimes horrific, without sinking into despair. With formidable efficiency, hats screwed on the heads and furry down jacket on the back, the icy polar does its work. We’ll probably never get the excitement of Rust and Marty again, but the brand True Detective proved that she could still make us shiver.

True Detective, season 4, in 6 episodes, to watch on Prlme Video in France with the Warner Pass from January 15 to February 26, 2024.

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