Valérie Lemercier looks back on the funny creation of Palais Royal!

Valérie Lemercier looks back on the funny creation of Palais Royal!

Valérie Lemercier's biggest success as a director, Palais Royal! nevertheless experienced a painful genesis.

On the occasion of the release of Marie-Francine, First had met Valérie Lemercier to talk about the films that marked her career, both as an actress and director. Famous for not keeping her tongue in her pocket, here's what she told us about Royal Palace!his biggest cinema success (it was seen by 2.7 million spectators in 2005).

This comedy will be rebroadcast this Friday at 9:15 p.m. on TMC.

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“Claude Berri had seen my show several times at the Folies Bergères and decided to produce my new film. It was to be called The Queen of the Belgians. Very quickly, disagreements appeared so much so that one day, in the middle of preparation, he called me and my agent and asked me to put the project aside. He wanted instead 'a funny and inexpensive little comedy'. I was stunned.

In the meantime, he had offered me a role in One stays, the other leaves for which he sent me the script. So, I changed the cover page on which I wrote, 'And my ass is chicken!'accompanied by a note to him: 'here is a funny and inexpensive comedy'. I didn't see him again for a while… I went through a little period of depression.

Fortunately, Edouard Weil had wanted to work with me for some time. He took over the project, associated with Gaumont who decided to give us two authors to correct the mistakes and find gags. With Brigitte Buc, my co-writer, we were appalled: when it was said of Gisèle Casadesus that she sweetened strawberries, they proposed to actually show it in the following scene! But in the end, the filming was quite idyllic and the exit was very joyful.”

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