Vanessa Paradis overwhelmed by her son's lies in Juniors (trailer)

Vanessa Paradis overwhelmed by her son’s lies in Juniors (trailer)

In the next film by Hugo Thomas (Willy 1er), the teenager makes everyone believe that he has cancer to buy a new PS5.

“Not for a second did you suspect that it was going to turn out badly?” : Vanessa Paradis loses patience in the first images of Juniorthe next film by Hugo Thomas (Willy 1st). And for good reason: in fiction, his 14-year-old son (played by the young Ewan Bourdelles), makes all his college and social networks believe that he has cancer. Thus, he hopes to set up a kitty and collect enough money to buy a new Playstation 5. His has given up the ghost and he is condemned to be bored in his small village of Mornas.

To face the consequences of this lie, he is accompanied by his best friend Patrick (Noah Zandouche). But when it spreads through the schoolyard, all eyes finally turn to them. A start of popularity that will put their unwavering friendship to the test…

Here is the trailer for Juniorwhich will be released on July 26 at the cinema:

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