Virgin River: what we know about season 6

Virgin River: what we know about season 6

Already ordered, but not yet filmed, it could make us wait for many months…

Jack and Mel will return soon… In 2023, other episodes of Virgin River are planned, since season 5 has been cut in two: part 1 (composed of 10 episodes) has been online since September 7 but part 2, composed of two special episodes for the end-of-year holidays, will be available see Thursday November 30. And after ? When will we see season 6 of Virgin River ?

The good news is that it has already been officially ordered. The streaming platform renewed its drama for a sixth season at the beginning of spring, certainly to anticipate the writers’ strike, and to consider a release in 2024.

The bad news is that production hasn’t had time to begin. Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson and the rest of the cast were scheduled to return to British Columbia to film the sequel in July. But the ongoing social movement (led by SAG-AFTRA and the WGA) has put everything on hold.

Filming has not yet started, but as soon as the strike ends, it will be launched. If it were to last a few more weeks, we should not plan to return to Virgin River before 2025 on Netflix.

In the meantime, Alexandra Breckenridge is waiting at home and making family cooking recipes for her fans.

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