Walton Goggins acknowledges tensions with Timothy Olyphant on the set of Justified

Walton Goggins acknowledges tensions with Timothy Olyphant on the set of Justified

The actors played a cowboy and an outlaw respectively, two figures inspired by the western.

If Walton Goggins was able to make an impression on the big screen (Lincoln And The Bastard Eight), his cradle is television, and he has proven it on numerous occasions. Between The Shield And fallouta post-apocalyptic series adapted from the video games of the same name which is currently a hit on Prime Video, there was Justified.

Modern Western from FX and based on a novel by Elmore Leonard (Fire in the Hole), Justified staged Timothy Olyphant as a modern-day cowboy, ready to do anything to defend his town from the criminal and ideological attacks of Boyd Crowder, a neo-Nazi displaying racist ideas and Confederate flags at the slightest opportunity, played by Walton Goggins.

Over the course of the six seasons that make up the series, Olyphant and Goggins played two sides of the same coin and threw themselves into a love/hate relationship against the backdrop of a symbolic dialogue between good and evil. .

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A dynamic which, according to Walton Goggins, would have gone beyond the framework of the set to infuse the professional relations of the two actors. If he had already mentioned this idea in Pandora's Box: How Guts, Guile, and Greed Upended TV (in other words : “Pandora's Box: How guts, cunning and greed changed television”), a work of Peter BiskindWalton Goggins took advantage of an interview given to the media The Independent as part of the promotion of falloutto return to this episode. “We had some tough times towards the end of Justified,” recognizes the interpreter of La Goule, referring to the fact that the two actors “no longer spoke to each other”.

“We were so deep into the characters we were playing, and they were so opposite at this point in the story…he continues. I think we were both obsessed with our own views, just carrying the weight of that conflict.”

However, the actor explains that since the end of the series, in 2015, he and Timothy Olyphant have been on good terms:

“I think we just needed to separate, like brothers. … I respect and love him a lot, and I feel respected and loved by him. We just needed a break for ourselves find,” he concludes.

Since then, the two performers have met again on screen on two occasions. In 2019, they are both starring in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood : Olyphant revives the legendary James Stacy while Goggins makes a vocal cameo, that of an advertising man's voice. Four years later, they temporarily reformed their antinomic tandem to Justified: City Primevalthe revival of the FX series.

In the meantime, Walton Goggins also passed through Sons of Anarchy, Community, SIX And The Big Bang Theory. We will soon find him in the cast of season 3 of The White Lotuswhich he joined at the same time as Patrick Schwarzenegger, Aimee Lou Woodor Sarah Catherine Hook And Sam Nivola.

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