Warner Bros.  and DC wanted to create their own MCU at all costs

Warner Bros. and DC wanted to create their own MCU at all costs

David S. Goyer, the screenwriter of Man of Steel, looks back on this turbulent period at the studio.

At the podcast microphone Happy Sad Confused, David S. Goyerthe screenwriter of the trilogy The Dark Knight of Christopher Nolan and of Man of Steel of Zack Snyder, focuses on the chaotic period of the Warner Bros. studio. and the house of DC Comics, obsessed with the desire to compete with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For the screenwriter, this hindered a sequel to Man of Steela second solo Superman adventure with Henry Cavill. The studio ultimately chose the path of “cinematic universe” with Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

I know the pressure that Warner Bros put on us, explains the screenwriter, ‘We need an MCU! We need an MCU!’ And I told myself that we should definitely not put the cart before the horse.” Goyer elaborates on the upheaval of the teams: “What was difficult at the time was the constant turnover of executive producers at Warner Bros. or DC. Every 18 months, someone new showed up. (…) Each time it was the same refrain: ‘We’re going to aim higher!’.

He says that once, a Warner Bros. executive. had presented the next 20 films spread over the next 10 years, so “that none of them had yet been written!” He continues to be surprised: “It’s crazy everything that was built on empty… that’s not how you build a house”.

In addition to having collaborated with Christopher Nolan for the trilogy Dark Knight, David S. Goyer is also the screenwriter behind the trilogy Blade, with Wesley Snipes. He says that originally, the first film was to be directed by David Fincherin full preparation of Se7en : “I wrote a first draft with Fincher before he does Se7en. (…) He had just finished Alien 3 and maybe he was developing Se7en. I remember going to our producers’ office… There was a huge conference table. Fincher handed out 40 or 50 photography and art books with post-it notes inside. He said : ‘That’s the film.’”

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During two hours, Fincher carefully presented the aesthetics of its sequences and the characters. Goyer remembers his impression: “It was a very visually rich pitch… I had never seen anything like it. This greatly inspired subsequent versions of the script.

Eventually, Fincher will not achieve the first Bladebut its screenwriter, David S. Goyerwill produce the third part in 2004.

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