"We were never teenagers!" Inside Out 2 told with humor by its creators

“We were never teenagers!” Inside Out 2 told with humor by its creators

Pixar hired a panel of young female viewers to find out how they felt during the making of the film. An essential step in developing Riley’s character.

“Adolescence is an unforgettable time,” confided to us Kelsey Mann When asked at the last Annecy festival why he wanted to continue the story of Riley, the heroine of Vice versain full “awkward age”. “It goes back a long way, for me, adds the director in the video below, But I wanted to make sure that the audience, both adults and teenagers, could relate to this film. I wanted to portray her well. And then, Mark and I were never teenagers…”

The producer of Inside Out 2, Mark Nielsenconfirms, then they detail to First the very special production of this sequel, supervised by a panel of teenage girls hired by Pixar to give their feedback on the evolution of the animated film. A rare approach in Hollywood, but one that was essential to offer a certain truth to Riley and all the other protagonists of Inside Out 2.

While this feature film is a hit all over the world (it is the first billionaire blockbuster of 2024 at the box office), here is their video interview:

Interview and editing: Lucille Bion.

The story of Inside Out 2 : Freshly graduated, Riley is now a teenager, which is not without triggering a major upheaval within the headquarters which must face something unexpected: the arrival of new emotions! Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust – which have long worked successfully – do not really know how to react when Anxiety arrives. Especially since it seems that she is not alone…

Trailer :

Above all, stay tuned until the end of Inside Out 2.

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