Bridgerton casting director says she gets tons of 'ole ole' applications

Bridgerton casting director says she gets tons of ‘ole ole’ applications

“I receive videos that you can’t even imagine, even though I didn’t ask for them. It’s just sex, that’s it.”

The Bridgerton Chronicle is THE series that has made viewers’ hearts skip a beat, unleashed passions and raised temperatures. Season 3, recently broadcast in its entirety on Netflix, is among the top 10 most-watched series on the platform.

In 19th-century England, hearts are heated and passion is expressed very clearly in intimate scenes as the show’s creators like to make. Fans remember the first kiss between Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset, which could have ended in fireworks if the latter’s brother had not intervened and their fiery honeymoon at the end of the first season.

This third season, hotter than ever, demonstrates bodies through undeniable nudity, desired by the main actress who exposes herself simply in order to silence the detractors of her physique.

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With a heavy focus on these heated scenes, some actors and actresses are apparently ready to do anything to get into the show – even going so far as to get naked.

In the latest episode of the podcast Should I Delete That?, Casting director Kelly Valentine Hendry revealed that her inbox is constantly flooded with audition requests and some rather surprising videos:

“It’s every day… I receive videos that you can’t even imagine, even though I didn’t ask for it. It’s just sex, that’s it. Well, it’s not really sex, but it’s quite striking the kind of content I receive. They’re not intimate photos, but almost. It’s quite sad… really.”

In hopes of becoming the star of Sophie Beckett, the one who will make Benedict Bridgerton’s (Luke Thompson) heart flutter and who could be at the heart of the main love story of the next season, some think that a daring performance will lead them to the path of glory. But that’s clearly not the best solution.

After following the loves of Daphne and Simon, Kate and Anthony, season 3 of Bridgerton Chronicles, which recently ended, focused on the intimate outpourings of Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) and Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan).

With Season 4 scheduled for 2026, those who wish to join the cast still have time to change their strategy…

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