Netflix renews Berlin for a season 2

Netflix renews Berlin for a season 2

“Level 2, please”: Pedro Alonso will strike again.

Almost two months after the release of the prequel The House of PaperNetflix announces a season 2 in a post as summary as it is enigmatic. In this first teaser, Andrés “Berlin” from Fenollosa, played by the flamboyant Pedro Alonsodisappears behind the doors of an elevator stamped “Berlin 2”. In caption: “Level 2, please. Berlin will return for a second season!”.

At the same time, the streaming platform unveils in A press release that “Pedro Alonso will be back for a new heist and more romance”and that he will be accompanied by his entire team: we will therefore find Michelle Jenner (Keila), Tristan Ulloa (Damián), Begoña Vargas (Cameron), Julio Peña Fernández (King) and Joel Sánchez (Bruce) in the cast of this new season.

In the first season, released on December 29, Berlin and his companions prepared the robbery of one of the most prestigious auction houses in the French capital, a plan imagined by the gentleman burglar before those of the Maison de la Monnaie and the Bank of Spain. Proving once again the popularity of a complex and colorful character, who had perished at the end of the second part of the parent series only to return later in the form of flashbacks, the first eight episodes of this spin-off series gathered 53 million views in seven weeks, lifting the series to ninth place among the most streamed non-English series on the platform.

If Netflix specifies in its press release that filming for this new season will begin in 2025, neither the latter nor the post X specifies the details of the new synopsis. The plans for Berlin and its new destination therefore remain secret for the moment, but this announcement still promises a season a cut above the last…

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