Visions: Diane Kruger Trapped in a Nightmarish Spiral (Trailer)

Visions: Diane Kruger Trapped in a Nightmarish Spiral (Trailer)

The actress shares the screen with Mathieu Kassovitz in this new thriller from Yann Gozlan, the director of Black Box.

Yann Gozlan is back with a brand new thriller, Visionsthe first since the success of Black Box in 2021, in which Pierre Niney was investigating an unprecedented air disaster. This time again, the director remains on the theme of aviation, and now introduces an experienced airline pilot, Estelle, played by Diane Kruger. The latter forms a unique duo with Mathieu Kassovitzwho embodies her loving and protective husband.

Estelle has a series of flights and stopovers, and leads an intense but balanced lifestyle. Only, after meeting Ana again, a woman from his past played by Marta Nieto (Madre), she sees her life turn upside down. The pilot is then far from imagining that this reunion will lead her into a nightmarish spiral and “turn one’s life into the irrational”, as the synopsis announces.

“It is better to invent horrible stories than to admit that we were wrong about everything”, can we hear Mathieu Kassovitz explain to Diane Kruger, while she connects the agonizing visions over the trailer. In view of these first images already well paced, the film promises to be intense and oppressive.

Visions will be released in theaters on September 6. Trailer :

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