How Secret Invasion Episode 2 Ties Into...Iron Man 3!

How Secret Invasion Episode 2 Ties Into…Iron Man 3!

Do you remember Aldrich Killian’s Extremis virus?

Will there be Super Skrulls in the sequel? Secret Invasion ? The Extremis virus has made a dramatic return to the Marvel Universe, as Gravik experiments on some of its fellows in an attempt to create a super-powerful creature. Spoiler alert!

This Extremis virus actually takes us back ten years, to the time of Iron Man 3. It was then made and used by Aldrich Killian (played by Guy Pearce) to fight Tony Stark. Very volatile and unstable, the virus tended to explode its hosts, but could also give them powers, fire, increased strength…

In Secret InvasionG’iah (Emilia Clarke) comes across data from Rosa Dalton, a scientist, who leads her to discover this research on the Extremis virus, probably used to create the MCU version of the Super Skrulls.

And that’s where it gets complicated: we see at the bend of a computer that Gravik has also managed to get his hands on Groot’s DNA from Guardians of the Galaxyon the DNA of a “Frost Beast” from Thor: The Dark Worldas well as the DNA of Cull Obsidian, the beefiest of the adopted children of Thanos crossed in Avengers: Infinity War. Their genes are therefore mixed with Extremis in order to create an explosive cocktail.

In the comics, the most famous Super-Skrull manages to muster the powers of the Fantastic Four at a time. This improbable mix therefore seems to be the MCU version of the Super-Skrull!

Secret Invasion will continue next Wednesday on Disney+.

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