La Rochelle Fiction Festival 2023: request the program

La Rochelle Fiction Festival 2023: request the program

A crowd of stars is expected in Charente-Maritime this week, for the 25th edition.

After a pleasing 2022 edition, with a 30% increase in attendance, the La Rochelle Fiction Festival 2023 opens its doors this Tuesday. Throughout the week, screenings and meetings will follow one another, culminating in the official competition, which will be subject to the deliberations of a jury chaired by Audrey Fleurot, who will award 16 Prizes among 43 works including 24 French fictions, 10 European works, 5 foreign French-speaking works and 4 foreign short formats.

In the French TV film competition, we will remember the selection ofAn unexpected destinyby former Miss France Sonia Rolland, inspired by her personal story. We will also see The Girl We Callby Charlène Favier, Right of inspection by Julie Manoukian, or even The Enchanter by Philippe Lefebvre, dedicated to Romain Gary.

As for drama series, The Spies of Terror will tell the story of the hunt after the terrorist attacks of November 2015. Follow will follow a young community manager within the Paris police headquarters and The tribe will tell the story of the life of a modern blended family.

For the 26-minute comedies, Éric Lavaine will come and present Benoît Gênant Official with Artus while season 3 of Parliament will be previewed.

The new Prime Video series Killer Coasterwith Alexandra and Audrey Lamy, as well as the new Disney Plus series, Irresistiblewith Camélia Jordana, will also be screened in preview.

As a result, a large number of stars are expected in Charente-Maritime this year: Alexandra Lamy, Audrey Lamy, Chloé Jouannet, Clémence Poésy, Camélia Jordana, Eric Cantona, Arié Elmaleh, Muriel Robin, Guillaume Labbé, Léa Drucker, Thierry Neuvic, Alix Poisson, Jean-Xavier De Lestrade, Charles Berling, Sonia Rolland, Sylvie Testud, Vincent Elbaz, Pascal Greggory, Mélanie Doutey, Grégory Montel, Rachida Brakni, Léa Drucker, Bruno Solo, Clémentine Célarié, and many others.

This 25th edition of La Rochelle Festival will also offer daily signing sessions to fans: the stars of Tomorrow belongs to us (Ingrid Chauvin, Alexandre Braseur, Dimitri Fouque, Catherine Benguigui, Samy Gharbi, Camille Genau); Here it all begins (Stéphane Blancafort, Janis Abrikh, Aurélie Pons, Zoï Sévérin, Margaux Aguilar, Tom Darmon); such a big sun (Tonya Kinzinger, Gaëla Le Devehat, Aurore Delplace, Yvon Back, Bibi Tanga, Constantin Balsan) and Domestic scenes (Gérard Hernandez, David Mora, Vinnie Dargaud, Fanny Cottençon) will meet the public.

The Awards Ceremony will take place this Saturday, September 16 at 8 p.m.

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