Linda Hamilton won't watch Stranger Things season 5

Linda Hamilton won’t watch Stranger Things season 5

“I think it would ruin the show for me. I never watch a project I’m involved in.”

The production of season 5 of Stranger Things, delayed due to the screenwriters’ strike that paralyzed Hollywood, resumed earlier this year. The brothers series Duffer can officially end during this final season, made up of eight episodes.

The stars of the program will be back, like David Harbor, Millie Bobby Brown or Finn Wolfhard. An icon of eighties action cinema was announced for casting last June. This is the ultimate badass, Linda Hamiltona.k.a Sarah Connor. Without knowing what role SkyNet’s former enemy will play, she will participate in the final phase of a decisive war between Hawkins’ gang and the creatures of the Upside Down. The 67-year-old actress, made famous by her role in Terminatorreflected on her participation in an interview for Us Weekly : “I reveled in each season. I love it, but I have a kind of imposter syndrome, where I feel like I don’t belong in this universe.”

When we dive into something it is not to see ourselves in it. I think it would ruin the show for me. I never watch a project I’m involved in. It would take me completely out of reality to see myself in that. So I won’t watch.

They have to be very careful with their story. So I still don’t know how it ends. It takes a lot of discipline to keep it a secret, but it’s to protect their work from anyone who wants to know“said the actress.

Although the details of the end of the series remain carefully preserved, the creators Matt And Ross Duffer have announced that the final season will bring an emotional conclusion.

We now have so many characters still alive. It’s important to summarize these arcs because many of these characters have developed since season 1. So it’s a balancing act between giving them time to complete their arcs and making our final revelations, declared to Ross Duffer has Hollywood Reporter in 2022, The fifth season is in some ways the culmination of all seasons. I think what we’re trying to do is go back to the beginning a little bit, kind of on the same tone.

For the moment, we do not know when this last season of Stranger Thingsbut this should take place in 2025. The first episode will be called “Chapter 1: The Crawl“.

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