Deauville 2023: discover the festival’s winners

Deauville 2023: discover the festival’s winners

This year, Shane Atkinson’s LaRoy won three awards.

The Deauville festival 2023 closed last Saturday after a week of American cinema. This year, LaRoy by Shane Atkinson won three trophies: not only the Grand Prix, but also the Public Prize of the City of Deauville and the Critics’ Prize. In the film, Ray’s character discovers that his wife is cheating on him and decides to end his life in a motel parking lot. Just before taking action, a stranger breaks into his car, thinking he is dealing with the killer he hired. A total misunderstanding which turns into a dangerous spiral.

The Jury of this 49th edition, chaired by Guillaume Canet, also awarded two films for the famous Jury Prize: The Sweet East by Sean Price Williams, and Fremont by Babak Jalali.

Finally, the Louis Roederer Foundation Prize for Revelation 2023 was awarded to The Sweet East also, and that of Ornano-Valenti 2023 to Nothing to lose, by Delphine Deloget.

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