What films and series will be on Netflix this summer 2023?

What films and series will be on Netflix this summer 2023?

The whole program of the platform for the summer holidays!

The 5 of July

Wham! – the documentary

In 1982, two best friends still teenagers, George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, set out to conquer the world under the name of WHAM!. In June 1986, when they played their very last concert in Wembley Stadium, their dream was fulfilled. Today, for the first time and through their own words, discover how four years were enough for them to dominate the charts around the world with a succession of eternal pop nuggets: Club Tropicana, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, Freedom , I’m Your Man and of course Last Christmas. This documentary directed by Chris Smith captures this magical moment and benefiting from unprecedented access to the personal archives of George and Andrew, including exceptional images never before broadcast and interviews where they engage with frankness, tells the incredible transformation of two friends from high school to planetary stars.

July 6

The Lincoln Defense – Season 2 – Part 1 (The Lincoln Lawyer)

The sequel to the series adapted from the novels by Michael Connelly. As his firm is overwhelmed with demand and the lawyers are overwhelmed, Mickey has an affair with a woman who becomes his client when she is accused of murder.

Casha film by Jérémie Rozan

New French film from Netflix, carried by Raphaël Quenard, Igor Gotesman, Agathe Rousselle, Antoine Gouy, Nina Meurisse, Grégoire Colin and Youssef Hajdi. In Chartres, the Breuils, at the head of an important perfume group, reign over the city from father to son. Still in Chartres, but light years away from this world of luxury, Daniel Sauveur can no longer bear the insolent wealth of the Breuils and lives off small schemes. When the project he set up with his childhood friend is scuttled by the group, he has only one thing in mind: revenge.

July 7

Mobsters by alliance, a film by Adam Devine

An action comedy worn by ex-Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev, also starring Pierce Brosnan and Ellen Barkin. Owen Browning, a tidy bank branch manager, is about to marry Parker (Dobrev), the love of his life. When his bank is robbed by the famous “Ghost Bandits” the week of his wedding, he suspects his future in-laws (Brosnan and Barkin), who have just arrived in town, of being the thugs in question.

The 14th of July

Bird Box Barcelona, a film by David and Alex Pastor

Five years after the global phenomenon “Bird Box” here is a spin-off – not quite a sequel – in Europe that enriches the universe that captivated the Netflix audience. After a mysterious force decimates the world’s population, Sebastian must try to survive on the deserted streets of Barcelona. As he forms a makeshift alliance with other survivors to flee the city, an even darker threat looms.

July 20

In the shade of magnolias – Season 3 (Sweet Magnolias)

The return of the platform’s famous hit romantic series. After the scuffle at Sullivan’s, the Magnolias face new challenges as heartbreak and family drama strain their relationship.

July 21

They cloned Tyronea film by Juel Taylor

John Boyega, Teyonah Parris and Jamie Foxx form an unlikely trio in this bizarre sci-fi tale at the heart of a sinister neighborhood conspiracy.

July 27

The Witcher – Season 3: Volume 2

The last episodes of Henry Cavill under the wig of Netflix’s Witcher before handing over to Liam Hemsworth. Geralt and Yennefer struggle to keep Ciri safe. Evil forces want to tear them apart. As the war continues on the Continent…

August 3

Heartstopping – Season 2

Kit Connor and Joe Locke are back for the sequel to the sweet teenage romance. Nick finally confessed his homosexuality to his doting mother (Olivia Colman) in the Season 1 finale, which means Season 2 should be all about him and Charlie enjoying their budding romance.

August 11

Agent Stonea film by Tom Harper

A new Netflix action flick worn by Gal Gadot. The Wonder Woman will be a member of a powerful global peacekeeping organization: the spy Rachel Stone is the only one who can recover a resource as precious as it is dangerous. Also with Jamie Dornan, Alia Bhatt, Sophie Okonedo, Matthias Schweighöfer, Jing Lusi…

August 16

The Chosen Onenew Serie

Mark Millar adapts his own comics American Jesus (co-written with Peter Gross). We will find in the cast Dianna Agron, Tenoch Huerta, Carlos Bardem. A twelve-year-old boy suddenly discovers that he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. He can turn water into wine, make the crippled walk again, maybe even raise the dead…

August 18

The Monkey Kinga film by Anthony Stacchi

A great Netflix family animated film, inspired by a fabulous Chinese epic. This action-packed comedy follows a monkey who, armed with his magic fighting staff, faces off against gods, demons, dragons and, most dangerously, his own ego!

August 31

Love of your choicea film by Stuart McDonald

An interactive romantic comedy where subscribers can decide who the heroine should end up with! Cami Conway has it all: her dream job and the perfect boyfriend, Paul, with whom the path to engagement, marriage and children seems set. Yet, there is something missing. Cami faces an array of choices that are as tempting as they are difficult, ranging from real ethical dilemmas to more light-hearted “dare or truth.” And it’s up to you, the viewer, to decide for her. With Laura Marano, Avan Jogia, Jordi Webber and Scott Michael Foster.

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