What happens to Shiv after the end of Succession?  Sarah Snook gives her opinion

What happens to Shiv after the end of Succession? Sarah Snook gives her opinion

The actress has a bleak view of the threesome that awaits Shiv and Tom…

Two months after the end of Succession, we are still in shock from the reversals that have upset the last episode and the series. Spoiler alert!

Shiv Roy betrayed his brothers at the last second, falling into the shadow of her husband, Tom, who won the Succession to everyone’s surprise. It must be said that the two are preparing to form a new family, with a baby on the way. The actress Sarah Snook analyzes this ending in a Variety portrait published this week.

She believes that the two are now level “even… well maybe Shiv is now a little below Tom, if I’m honest. He’s going to work the next day and she’s just sitting on the bench watching it from the outside.”

So what will Siobhan Roy do after all this? After his betrayal? After taking the hand of his dear and tender in this limo? The question is often asked Sarah Snook since a few weeks. And she simply replies:

“Shiv is about to have a baby. It’s all gone down the drain and she’s kind of thrown back into a world with her husband…who was just not working out! Now I think the thing the baby is going to rock them both in an inevitable way. And I can imagine Shiv as someone who would fall into a pretty deep postpartum depression. I think the next 12 months will be pretty tough for her. Whatever fight she wants to fight afterwards… If at the end of Succession, Tom and her are on an equal footing, she is about to sink and I think, quite quickly! “

The dramas of the Roy family will therefore never stop, even after the end of Succession !

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