What is the value of Omar Killing Me, Roschdy Zem's police drama?  (critical)

What is the value of Omar Killing Me, Roschdy Zem’s police drama? (critical)

Sami Bouajila plays the gardener accused of murder in the actor-director’s second film.

1991. Omar Raddad (Sami Bouajila) is imprisoned for the murder of Ghislaine Marchal who employed him as a gardener. The fault lies in a mysterious inscription written with the blood of the victim found at the scene of the tragedy. A sentence which affirmed “Omar killed me.” Three years later, a writer convinced of his innocence decides to carry out his own investigation.

Arte will rebroadcast this evening Omar killed me of Roschdy Zemreleased in cinemas in 2011 – and already visible free replay on the channel’s website. This is his second achievement after Bad faithand before he goes behind the camera again to Bodybuilder, Chocolate, Persona Non Grata And Mine. First advises you.

Here is our review: 5 years later Bad faith, his first film as a director, Zem took the bottle. Certainly, we feel the man is outraged by the wrong done to Raddad. But the filmmaker also has his say. The greatest quality of the film lies in this permanent desire to exist as an object of cinema. (…) The strongest moments of the film are not in the manipulations that take place in the courtrooms but in the daily gestures or the looks of a man forced to grow up by the force of things and to whom Sami Bouajila offers a moving humanity.

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