Will Florence Pugh play Rapunzel in live action for Disney?

Will Florence Pugh play Rapunzel in live action for Disney?

The name of the actress circulates to embody the princess with hair twenty meters long.

Snow White, Viana, or even Hercules… A dozen animated films are already on the list of feature films to be adapted in live-action at Disney. Since it was already not long enough, Rapunzel (originally released in 2010) could well be added to it, according to information from disinsider.

To embody the princess with twenty-meter-long hair, the media also claims that the name of Florence Pugh would circulate particularly. It’s also been several weeks since fans have been rushing to tweet their excitement at the idea of ​​seeing the actress from Little Women And Don’t Worry Darling in the skin of the long-haired heroine. Internet users insist in particular on her physical resemblance to the character, even when she ends up becoming brunette with short hair.

However, for the moment, all this is rumor: nothing has been confirmed by the American giant or the actress herself. With the writers’ and actors’ strike still going strong in Hollywood, it’s not sure Disney won’t give any news on the project anytime soon.

Be that as it may, after playing in Oppenheimer, the presence of Florence Pugh in Dunes 2, alongside Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya, has been confirmed. On the other hand, its release date could be postponed because of the strike. She is also expected to return as Black Widow in Thunderbolts in 2024.

At Disney, we also have reason to wait: if the strike does not drastically modify the calendar, Snow White, Lilo & Stitch And Mufasa are due out in 2024, followed by Moana in 2025.

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