Will there be a season 2 of Hijack with Idris Elba?

Will there be a season 2 of Hijack with Idris Elba?

The English actor explains why making a sequel is complicated.

The latest episode just landed: hi-jack wrapped up its first season this week on Apple TV+ (and also in France on Canal+). The action thriller carried by Idris Elba was a real success and the conclusion is not completely definitive, leaving the door open to a season 2. Attention spoilers!

Indeed, if the hijacking of flight KA29 from Dubai to London ended without a hitch in a successful disaster landing, there are still a few points to be clarified at the end of season 1. Sam (Elba) finally had the leader of the pirates of looks, Stuart (Neil Maskell). But the crime syndicate behind the attack is still standing. If Edgar Janssen is dead, murdered by his sidekick John Bailey-Brown, the latter is still in the wild and a season 2 could tell of his hunt…

Even if for now, this season 2 of hi-jack is not confirmed at all. Apple has not renewed the show and this is what it says Idris Elbaalso executive producer of the series:

“What would be an acceptable scenario for him to come back ?” asks the English actor (via Variety), suggesting that the production is currently asking the question.”Because we thought about it and obviously Apple said they really liked the series. Inevitably, it is at 92% favorable opinions at the moment on Rotten Tomatoes… It’s always a good sign. But at the same time, Sam is not a cop. So under what valid circumstances could we bring Sam Nelson back? If I’m honest, I’m not sure it works…”

But Idris Elba adds that he wants to do this season 2: “I’d like that, but I just don’t want to put Sam in another hijacking situation somewhere else. But I am open to the return of this character. I think if people really liked the character, then I’m in!”

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