Yes, Larry is dead in The Simpsons!

Yes, Larry is dead in The Simpsons!

One of Homer's drinking buddies has said goodbye to the show, after 35 years of sitting at Moe's bar. And it hurt…

In 765 episodes, The Simpsons killed few, very few Springfield residents. But this week, they buried Larry Dalrymple for good, during the episode broadcast on April 21 in the USA.

Who is that ? Clearly not the best known character of Simpson, Larry was one of Moe's bar stalwarts, a drinking buddy of Homer's. He appeared in the cartoon in the first season of Simpson in 1989, more than 35 years of presence on screen. Larry died peacefully, sitting quietly at the bar. And this death is definitely final, as co-executive producer Tim Long confirms to TMZ:

This seemingly unimportant death was supposed to hit the public hard“, he says, although he offers his condolences to everyone who is upset by Larry's disappearance. However, the authors like “May the fans take this as hard as Homer and his friends did during the episode. Because it shows how much the show is still loved.”

In “Cremains of the Day”, an episode full of melancholy, Homer, Moe, Carl and Lenny attend Larry's funeral, plagued by the guilt of being “terrible people” realizing they knew very little about Larry, despite all their time together. Then they spread his ashes…

After Maude, Ned Flanders' first wife, after Bloody Gums, Lisa's mentor, and Krusty's father, Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky, a new character dies in the series. We can add to the list Madame Krapabelle, who left The Simpsons during season 25, following the death of its interpreter, Marcia Wallace, even if her person was not physically killed in the series.

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