Zack Snyder wants to release a "Snyder Cut" version of Sucker Punch

Zack Snyder wants to release a “Snyder Cut” version of Sucker Punch

The filmmaker confirms: “I never had time to do ‘my’ editing of the film. I still plan to do it”.

After the Snyder Cut of Justice Leaguewe could soon have the Snyder Cut of Sucker Punch.

Twelve after its theatrical release, the filmmaker revealed to Letterbox how the original ending of Sucker Punch (2011) has been edited for the general public and he talks about what the end of the film would look like if he had the chance to re-edit it in a new “Director’s Cut”:

I never had time to do ‘my’ editing of the film. I still plan to do that. I will at some point. In the original ending, when Babydoll is in the chair in the basement with Blue – she’s already been lobotomized – when the cop shines the light in her eyes, the set suddenly shatters and she gets up and she sings a song about stage.”

Zack Snyder precise : “She sings: “‘Ooh, Child, things are gonna get easier’, the song by Five Stairsteps released in 1970. So Blondie and all the people who were killed join in and it’s the idea that, to in a weird way – even though she’s lobotomized – she’s kind of stuck in this endless loop of euphoric victory. It’s paradoxically not very optimistic but also very optimistic at the same time. That’s kind of the tone he there was at the end. We shot it, tested it, but the studio thought it was too weird, so we had to change it.”

Sucker Punchwith Emily Browning, remains the biggest failure of the career of Zack Snyder, to very negative reviews and an equally weak box office, at $89.8 million worldwide! We understand that the filmmaker wants to change that by offering his final version of the film.

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