10 film teachers we wish we had at school

10 film teachers we wish we had at school

While at the start of the 2023 school year, Thomas Lilti explores the world of middle school in A Serious Job, today at the cinema, a look back at the coolest teachers in the 7th art.

John Keating, professor of English literature in Dead Poets Society (1989)

Played by Robin Williams
Captain, my Captain! This is probably the reference on the subject. The one that every kid in the 1980s dreamed of having in class. The one that all the teachers of the 1990s also tried to imitate… With his revolutionary teaching methods, he advocated fulfillment and personal development, more than academic success, encouraging his young geese to refuse conformism, to find their own personality through art. And above all, enjoy the moment: “Carpe Diem”!

Elizabeth Halsey, school teacher in Bad Teacher by Jake Kasdan (2011)

Played by Cameron Diaz
It’s mainly because we liked to hang out at the back of the class, near the radiator. Her credo is not really the development of children, but rather her personal well-being. Preferring to smoke marijuana, drink alcohol and sleep in class, she’s the kind of teacher who avoids migraines and limits bad grades.

Martin, history teacher in Drunk by Thomas Vinterberg (2020)

Played by Mads Mikkelsen
With him, it’s a guaranteed migraine. Always at 0.05% blood alcohol, he is relaxed, relaxed, attentive to his students, thus offering exciting and passionate lessons. And what a dancer! Needless to say, partying with your teacher has never been so cool.

Remus Lupin, professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2003)

Played by David Thewlis
Certainly, it is better not to cross his path when he transforms into a werewolf. Otherwise, he’s really a stylish teacher. He wields a wand like no other and is even a major member of the Order of the Phoenix. One of the stars of Hogwarts, without a doubt!

Albert, chemistry teacher in Teachers by Pierre-François Martin-Laval (2013)

Played by Fred Tousch
It’s completely on. In every sense of the term. Weird and eccentric, he gives unique courses in the world. Passionate about dangerous experiments, which most of the time end in explosions, he at least has the merit of making chemistry very concrete, and very fun.

Dewey Finn, professor of rock history in Rock Academy by Richard Linklater (2003)

Played by Jack Black
He’s the kind of replacement every kid dreams of. With his guitar, he does not intend to teach anything, but rather the desire to nurture the musical talent of his children, transforming his classroom into a rehearsal room. And the icing on the cake: he instills the rock n’ roll philosophy in his dear little ones!

Lou Anne Johnson, professor of literature in Rebel spirits by John Smith and John N. Smith (1995)

Played by Michelle Pfeiffer
She’s the ultimate badass teacher. A former United States Marine, she left the army to go teach in difficult neighborhoods. She never gives up. Don’t leave kids in trouble on the side of the road. And knows how to show authority when necessary…

Laurent Monier, professor of history and geography in Le Most Beautiful Job in the World by Gérard Lauzier (1996).

Played by Gérard Depardieu
Excellence may not be cool, but this history professor, a little “old school” around the edges, always tries to get the best out of his students. Classic teaching methods, but a real desire to make their kids succeed through the Republic school.

Frédéric Game, professor of literature in PROFES by Patrick Schulmann (1985)

Played by Patrick Bruel
He is young, handsome, cool, and does not hesitate to use methods chébran to speak to young people, who contrast with the dreary lessons of his colleagues. Only problem: the girls in the class will tend to fall in love with him…

Pierre, French teacher, in A serious job by Thomas Lilti (2023)

Played by François Cluzet
“No one has a vocation at the beginning. It arrives when you are thrown into a college and you discover that you belong…” He may be tired, worn out, washed out by the system and years of teaching, but he still has this little flame and this desire to help his students move forward. And that’s beautiful!

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