Les 6 infos à retenir de Secret Invasion après le final sur Disney Plus

$212 million budget: Secret Invasion cost more than Barbie and Oppenheimer combined

That’s $35 million per episode…

Money does not (always) buy happiness. This is also true for Hollywood productions. As Secret Invasionprobably one of the least successful Marvel series since the launch of Disney Plus.

However, we learn today that the drama in 6 episodes had a colossal budget of 212 million dollars, or 35 million dollars per episode! Forbes magazine was able to obtain the exact amount, because Secret Invasion was filmed in London under the government’s television tax relief scheme and so its price has been officially made public by the UK authorities. Budgets for other MCU series are harder to quantify, but Secret Invasion would be the most expensive of all, in terms of cost per episode, since we are talking about 225 million dollars for Wanda Vision and for she hulk (i.e. $25 million per episode).

Such amounts are nevertheless somewhat surprising, because Secret Invasion lasts 4h30 in total, roughly a very long film. Oppenheimer (which lasts 3 hours) cost 100 million dollars. As much – more or less – for Barbie ! Secret Invasion thus cost more than the two biggest blockbusters of the summer combined! In terms of ratio, the Marvel series also demanded $780,000 per minute from Marvel when Warner Bros. dropped $555,000 per minute to make Oppenheimer.

Generally speaking, this year, only Guardians of the Galaxy 3 ($250 million), Fast X ($340 million), The little Mermaid ($250 million) and Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1 ($291 million) cost more than Secret Invasion.

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