French box office: already 5 million admissions for Barbie and Oppenheimer!

A “Barbenheimer” film is really going to see the light of day!

The cultural phenomenon of the summer had not been copyrighted. Now it’s done!

“Barbenheimer”aka the simultaneous release of barbie and D’Oppenheimer in mid-July, made a lot of noise this summer. He ultimately participated in the success of the two films, as the spectators took part in the game of “double features”going to see one then the other even during the day. Even Tom Cruise has made its viewing order known! A month and a half after their release, Greta Gerwig’s comedy reached $1.3 billion in global revenue, while Christopher Nolan’s drama earned more than $850 million.

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The phenomenon worked so well that unofficial t-shirts were created for Barbenheimer, as well as posters for a fake film featuring the protagonists played by Margot Robbie and Cillian Murphy, the first surrounded by atomic explosions and the second immersed in a pink universe with parillets. But neither Warner Bros nor Universal registered the name, so without copyright, this term invented from scratch by Internet users awaiting the release of these two blockbusters could be used to become a real film title.

Joblo tells us that Charles Brand has announced the very soon launch of Barbenheimer, for release planned for the end of 2023 in streaming, via its company Full Moon Features. A studio specializing in often parody B series. A bit like Asylum (Sharknado) but crazier, more focused on horror and/or sex: we owe him in particular Future Cop (1984), Puppet Master (1989) or Meridian, the kiss of the beast (1990) and he is currently preparing The Primevals And Demonic Toys: Jack-Attack.

So many low-budget productions, often featuring toys and using the stop-motion technique, which have found their audience for almost 40 years. Barbenheimer will be in the same spirit as its predecessors, following dolls who dream so much of putting an end to the patriarchy that they decide to set off an atomic bomb!

Its casting has not yet been communicated, nor the names of its screenwriter or director, but Full Moon is sharing its pitch and a first poster, which we are publishing below.

“In the heart of Dollsville, a group of dolls – led by the brilliant Dr. Barbenheimer – are building an atomic bomb. Their mission? To end the patriarchy once and for all! But while this battle of the sexes is in full swing, Barbenheimer and Won’t his team full of beauties blow up more than they bargained for?

Comedy, drama, action, and even Armageddon will be featured in Full Moon’s next fantasy film, BARBENHEIMER!”

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