À Découvert: what is Harlan Coben's new series worth on Prime Video?

À Découvert: what is Harlan Coben’s new series worth on Prime Video?

A faithful adaptation of the novel Shelter, which gives a well-crafted thriller, with skilfully staged mysteries, around a cast of promising young actors.

In recent years, the most prolific writer of American detective novels has been looking at the small screen. While he already has a huge deal in the works with Netflix to adapt 14 of his books (!), Harlan Coben developed in parallel this television version of Shelter for Prime Video.

In Discovered (French title), he thus transposes the story of Mickey Bolitar, the nephew of his favorite character Myron Bolitar, into streaming. A basketball player with a promising future and very comfortable in his teenage life, young Mickey suddenly faces a tragedy: his parents die in a brutal car accident and he is forced to go live with his aunt in the other end of the country. As he takes his bearings and tries to rebuild himself, Mickey is strangely drawn to a sordid house around the corner…

All the themes dear to Harlan Coben thus find themselves in Discovered, in particular that of impossible mourning and transmission between generations. With great mastery, the script unravels its mysteries without waiting and from the end of the first episode, we no longer know where to turn! A haunted house, unexplained disappearances, buried secrets… The (many) ingredients of an excellent Coben thriller are there and we let ourselves be led happily into its labyrinth. Especially since it is haunted by a gallery of talented young actors – around Constance Zimmer – to start with JadenMichaelwhich makes an excellent Mickey Bolitar full of nuances.

À Découvert, season 1 in 8 episodes, to see on Prime Video from August 18.

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