How Leonardo DiCaprio gave depth to Inception

How Leonardo DiCaprio gave depth to Inception

Christopher Nolan changed his script on the advice of the actor.

WhileOppenheimer a hit in theaters, several anecdotes about the career of Christopher Nolan stand out. During his promotion, the director was thus asked about his previous collaborations with Cillian Murphy or about the enigmatic end ofInception (2010). But did you know that for this film, he had modified his scenario on the advice of Leonardo DiCaprio ?

Cobb’s interpreter, the “stealer of dreams” central to the film, greatly enjoyed his original story, but he regretted that more emphasis was not placed on his relationship with his wife, played by Marion Cotillard. When he spoke to the writer and director about it, Nolan decided to accentuate this aspect, as he explains in the book The Nolan Variations.

(Before he commits to this film), I was working on a more superficial version of the project. Shallow might be a bit of a strong term, because the story elements were already there, but I was always trying to approach this film from a genre perspective. Leo encouraged me, and he advised me to base myself more on the characters, to develop their relationships even more. He didn’t write anything, but he had gone through the script and he gave me ideas. What he told me ended up making a huge difference. It was a difficult process to write Inception, because his modifications lasted for months. This film required a lot of work, but at the same time it was very inspiring. I think he helped me create a work with more meaning.”

Here is the trailer forInceptionto review on Premiere Max :

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