7.3 million admissions in France: A little something extra still impresses

A Little Extra Thing coming soon to the cinema with 12 extra minutes!

A bonus awaits viewers who see (or re-see) the film in theaters in the coming weeks.

A Little Extra Something will soon have… a little something extra! Artus announces in Le Parisien that the comedy of the year will be entitled to a 12-minute bonus by the end of the month in theaters. It will not be an extended version or a director’s cutbut from the making-of of the film, which will be visible in cinemas immediately after the end credits!

This 12-minute making-of will be sent to all theaters within two weeks. “I think the making-of will be better than the movie,” assure Artuswho has already posted some images on his Instagram account (below).

Le Parisien specifies that this making-of will also be included in the bonuses of the DVD, the release of which is scheduled for the end of August-beginning of September.

let’s remember that A Little Extra Something has already passed the 8.5 million admissions mark in France. An absolute record for a first film.

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