A look back at the retro and original promo for Elusive 2

A look back at the retro and original promo for Elusive 2

Each key character had their poster, their catchphrase and their own style before the release of the magic film, to be seen again this evening on W9.

To wait until the rebroadcast ofElusive 2zoom on its “character posters”. Not the modern ones, which offered a game of mirrors while teasing that the team, as well as the new kids played by Lizzy Caplan And Daniel Radcliffewere going “reappear” at the cinema during the summer of 2016. Rather a handful of visuals directly inspired by promotional posters of magicians “old”.

Above, the Four Horsemen are treated to a retro poster, which highlights their talent with illustrations and taglines that change each time. Jesse Eisenberg is thus The Showman, whose engine is: “Control is the ultimate illusion”. His turn ? Manage to untie his chained wrists and ankles. He had already offered a glimpse of this know-how in the first part facing Mark Ruffalo.

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Woody Harrelson is the hypnotist. His playground? “Your spirit”, the tagline laughs. Here too, spectators of the first part know to what extent he can manipulate the public as he pleases. Dave Franco returns to his side with his cards. “King of sleight of hand”he warns that “Your eyes are your enemy.”

The fourth poster confirms that Lizzy Caplan plays a new role in this sequel. It does not replace Isla Fisherwho played illusionist Henley Reeves in Elusive but was unable to return because she was pregnant at the time of filming. Lizzy plays here Lula, aka “the self-decapitator”which warns that “seeing can disappoint”.

Jon M. Chu, who succeeded Louis Leterrier at the helm of this sequel, has officially signed with Lionsgate to turn elusive 3, but for the moment, this has not yet had a green light. Will it be filmed soon?

Here is the trailer forElusive 2offered at 9:05 p.m. on W9:

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