A season 7 of Downton Abbey in preparation?

A season 7 of Downton Abbey in preparation?

Several sources indicate that the pre-Victorian drama could be making a comeback.

In 2015, it was with a moving finale that we said goodbye to the members of the Crawley family to better meet them on the big screen four years later with Downton Abbey the film, then in 2022 with Downton Abbey: A New Era, which brought together millions of grieving fans of the series. Yes but here it is: the British soap opera created by Julian Fellowes could make a comeback on the small screen, reports Collider. A few clues scattered here and there actually suggest that the series, of which season six was to be the last, could see a sequel on television.

First clue, the publication by Production Weekly (media intended for professionals in the film industry) of its inventory of productions in preparation, on which appears the mention “DOWNTON ABBEY 07” which clearly seems to announce a seventh season.

Suspicions reinforced by several less subtle outings from the owners of Château Highclere, the main filming location of the series, via their Instagram account. Under a video revealing a photograph of Thomas Barrowbutler character played by Rob James-Collierthey enjoy the mystery by captioning: “If you have to keep a secret, you have to keep it a secret that you have a secret to keep #highclerecastle #dowtonabbey #secret (…)”. Enigmatic statement reinforced by a story presenting an image of the castle subtitled: “Highclere Castle or Downton Abbey?”.

In early 2022, the release on HBO of The Gilded Agenew series of Julian Fellowes, suggested that by crossing the Atlantic, the showrunner had definitively closed the chapter devoted to the English nobility, on the small screen at least. But it seems that the aristocratic family has not said its last word on television, to the delight of fans of the series, although these announcements for the moment raise more questions than answers.

In France, the first six seasons were broadcast on the TMC channel, but while waiting for a hypothetical return, they are currently available on Netflix.

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