According to Mads Mikkelsen, the characters of “losers” are more interesting than those of “handsome guys”

According to Mads Mikkelsen, the characters of “losers” are more interesting than those of “handsome guys”

The actor has repeatedly shown in the past his penchant for the roles of “bad guys”…

Mads Mikkelsen is currently playingIndiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, the latest installment in the adventures of the famous archaeologist directed by James Mangold. There is Jürgen Voller, a Nazi scientist who tries to seize by all means the Dial of Destiny coveted by Doctor Jones and Helena Shaw…

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In an interview for GQ magazine, Mads Mikkelsen acknowledges his fondness for the roles of losers and bad guys: “Playing a realistic character and a handsome kid at the same time is something very uninteresting. I don’t play those kind of characters who have a wick in the corner of their eye, that handsome kid hiding in a corner. It is not me. Losers are much funnier. Because we think we know them. It’s easier to recognize yourself in this kind of character (…) If I’m no longer offered any role one day, I could possibly play a handsome kid, it could be fun. But usually I can play whatever roles I want when I’m in Europe.”

During his career, Mads Mikkelsen has taken on the roles of bad guys many times, having played an ultra-violent criminal in the trilogy PusherHannibal Lecter in the series HannibalThe Number in Casino Royaleor even the mischievous Kaecilius in Doctor Strange. Last year, he replaced Johnny Depp at short notice playing the evil wizard Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets.

James Mangold praised Mads Mikkelsen’s performance several times during the promotion of this fifth Indiana Jones: “In all these roles, Mads Mikkelsen literally inhabits the character (…) If he is offered all these great villain roles in films, it is because he is not afraid of anything, and especially not to humanize them .

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is currently in theaters.

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