Secret Invasion: the end of episode 3 explained

Secret Invasion: the end of episode 3 explained

What should we understand from the last minutes with G’iah and Priscilla?

Nick Fury is busier than ever trying to stop the Skrulls from taking over Earth. Episode 3 of Secret Invasion explains a lot, delivers quite a few revelations, and ends with a shocking final twist.

Spoiler alert!

What is Gravik’s plan?

This episode 3 has at least the merit of summarizing in a few seconds the basics of the plan of the big villain of Secret Invasion. Gravik planned to start World War III, by knocking out key locations in the UN, to make Earth’s superheroes react and then defeat them with his in-the-making Super Skrulls.

Is G’iah (Emilia Clarke) dead?

Episode 3 also offers a bad surprise to fans of Game Of Thrones : At first glance, Emilia Clarke will not last forever at Marvel! The English actress should not return in the sequel to Secret Invasionsince his character was shot by Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir) when he realized that she was the mole and that she secretly worked for her father, Talos (Ben Mendelsohn). He therefore killed her with a bullet in the heart as she tried to flee. We saw his lifeless body. Barring a very unlikely miracle in Episode 4, G’iah is dead.

Who is Priscilla Fury talking to at the end of Episode 3?

The very last sequence of the episode shows us Nick Fury’s wife recovering a mysterious pistol from a safe before talking on the phone with a stranger. Definitely Pagon, a high-ranking member of the Skrull resistance played by Killian Scott. Pagon seems to have great authority within the rebellion, which would give him the power to refuse Priscilla’s request to speak to Gravik. It’s unclear what Pagon wants from Priscilla, but it’s understandable that Madame Fury had a tough few years on Earth, when her husband was erased by Thanos, then when he came back and fled to the Earth. Space, on SABER, to manage psychological distress. Leaving his wife alone on the blue planet. Obviously, she is not happy and could want to take revenge and subscribe to the plan of the rebel Skrulls.

To see in episode 4 of Secret Invasionnext Wednesday on Disney Plus.

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