Bernadette: Catherine Deneuve slips into the skin of Bernadette Chirac (teaser)

Bernadette: Catherine Deneuve slips into the skin of Bernadette Chirac (teaser)

The first images of the film return to the unpopularity of the wife of Jacques Chirac with the French, upon his arrival at the Elysée.

Catherine Deneuve returns to the cinema after two years of absence by slipping into the skin of Bernadette Chirac. On the poster of the first feature film of Lea Domenach, the actress melts into the pink tapestry, sunglasses screwed on her nose, with… a turtle in her hands. But then, what is this animal doing in the middle of the portrait of the former First Lady of France? Well, the former president obviously used to call her that, because he thought she was too slow. Initially, the film was supposed to be called “La Tortue” (nickname given to it by Jacques Chirac), before opting for the sober Bernadette.

“When she arrives at the Elysée, Bernadette Chirac expects to finally get the place she deserves, she who has always worked in the shadow of her husband for him to become president. Put aside because deemed too old-fashioned, Bernadette then decides to take her revenge by becoming an essential media figure”teases the synopsis of the film.

The director, who previously worked on the script for Bureau of Gender Affairs (with Isabelle Nanty) and Young and Golripresents his first film as a comedy about “the revenge of a woman, too long confined to the role of wife and mother, who one day decides to take her destiny into her own hands”.

In the first images revealed on Monday, we discover Catherine Deneuve facing a Denis Podalydes embarrassed by the results of his recent opinion poll. “Racky, austere, cantankerous, cantankerous”... from the beginning of Chirac’s mandate in 1995, the French did not really carry it in their hearts. So, no choice:we will have to learn to disobey Madame Chirac”.

In the casting, we also find Michel Vuillermoz (Andrew the Magnificent), Sara Giraudeau (The office of legends), Lawrence Stocker (Together, that’s all), Francois Vincentelli (I have 2 loves), And Lionel Abelanski (Safari).

Bernadette will be released in theaters on October 4.

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