Worse than The Boys, the Gen V series "will be incredibly shocking"

Worse than The Boys, the Gen V series “will be incredibly shocking”

Seth Rogen warns: we even had to do “a special screening for the people of Amazon to warn them!”

Season 3 of The Boys had already hit hard. We remember in particular the infamous and orgiastic event “Herogasm” or the sequence where Termite (the local Ant-Man) regained its normal size from the anatomy of someone else… which ended in explode. Trash. But even worse awaits us in season 4… and in Gen Vthe future spin-off of The Boys.

In the latest issue of Empire, the producers Seth Rogen And Evan Goldberg promise the worst.

“There’s some really crazy stuff in Gen-V. The fact that they are at university, that they are a little younger, will perhaps make it even more shocking. There’s no limit to the craziness they can bring… Generally, if you’re doing something rated for adults, broadcasters let you do whatever you want. Unless you touch a legal limit which can be a problem. The Boys, it requires maybe an extra five-minute phone call, where they go, ‘Oh yeah Really?’ And we answer: ‘Really’.

Seth Rogen thus remembers a specific scene from Gen V which required”a special screening for the people of Amazon“. He explains that it was necessary to show them in advance so that they were prepared for the consequences. “You’re probably going to hear a lot about it! The show will be incredibly shocking. But I think we’ve all become pretty desensitized. Because even Kristen Wiig came in the other day to film something and we just said, ‘It’s spinning. !’ But she was in shock: ‘It’s nonsense! Are you really going to do that?’

Gen V will be released in 2023 on Prime Video (no precise date yet).

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