This Stark who arrives in the trailer for House of the Dragon, season 2

This Stark who arrives in the trailer for House of the Dragon, season 2

“I love the Starks too!” Showrunner Ryan Condal introduces Ned's grandfather, who will introduce the Winterfell family in the sequel.

Greens against Blacks. No, in June, it's not a Euro football match that will thrill us, but that of Westeros. HBO and Warner have decided to heat up the sauce around season 2 of House of the Dragon, with this theme of opposition. Rhaenyra watched as Aegon, her half-brother, was crowned king of Westeros behind her back, even though she was the chosen successor of their father, the late King Viserys. War will now rage across the 7 Kingdoms.

It's not a story of good guys and bad guys, black hats and white hats.“, explains Ryan Condal in EW, about the duel between Blacks and Greens. “It's the story of this family that was torn apart by this conflict. Who should wear the crown after Viserys dies? Some people think it's Rhaenyra, others think it's Aegon. And then there are other people inside who are like: Why should it be one of the two? Maybe it should be someone else! Maybe it should be me! The fun of this Greek tragedy is seeing, when you introduce a power vacuum into a world like this, how all these individuals react…”

You will therefore have to choose your side. Team Alicent or Team Rhaenyra? Without a doubt, there is an element that should weigh in the balance. It's the Starks' choice! The northern clan, fair and impartial, as straight in its boots as it is charismatic in the face of the powerful, could also be led to take a stand.

Long before Eddard Stark (Sean Bean), Cregan Stark is the Lord of Winterfell at the time of House of the Dragon. It's the actor Tom Taylor (The Dark Tower) which makes a first appearance in the trailer dedicated to Rhaenyra. If he only appears from behind, his presence among the Blacks suggests that he will support Viserys' eldest daughter. It must be said that Rhaenyra's son, Jacaerys Velaryon, flew to Winterfell to rally the Starks (at the end of season 1), and we see in this trailer, Jace walking with Cregan along the top of the wall North.

“Cregan Stark is very powerful” Condal says of the character. “Everyone is fighting for their army. He's a little bit younger than Ned Stark, so it's interesting to see the Young Wolf, the young Lord Stark, and how he behaves in the world, and the burden that lies on his shoulders as Guardian of the North”.

Will Cregan Stark take his position at the finish? Or position yourself as a Guardian above the fray?

To be seen from June 16 on Max and in France, via the Prime Video Warner Pass.

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