Jonathan Nolan talks to us about Fallout season 2

Jonathan Nolan talks to us about Fallout season 2

Does he have a long-term plan, like Westworld? The creator tells us everything.

With the series falloutit is an ambitious project that Jonathan Nolan managed to implement. An epic adaptation of a video game franchise, which inevitably calls for a sequel. So has he ever thought about season 2 of fallout ? And above all, does he have a plan for several seasons?

“With such an ambitious series, we are obliged to ask ourselves this question”he responds to Première. “We sat down with the other architects, with the showrunners and the head of the games, Todd Howard. We realized that there was a bigger story to tell after this season.”

Jonathan Nolan admits to having imagined a plan over several years, without yet revealing the precise number of seasons : “It's an exciting prospect. I played Fallout 3 for 30 or 40 hours myself, so that alone could be like 3 or 4 seasons (laughs)! I don't want to speculate on future ones seasons and the length of the series eventually, but we are very excited at the idea of ​​continuing this story…”

The co-showrunner, Graham Wagnerexplained for his part that he had kept material from mythology falloutfor season 2“in order not to bombard newcomers with mythological elements. We kept lots of things from the universe fallout for season 2, so as not to overly saturate those who are just discovering this universe.”

What date for season 2 of fallout ?

This season 2 of fallout seems in any case well and truly confirmed, since, according to Variety, production will continue in California after Amazon MGM Studios officially received $25 million in tax credits. Change of scenery, therefore, since the science fiction drama was filmed in New York and Utah, as well as in Namibia, for season 1. Variety also mentions a total budget of 153 million dollars.

If it is filmed this year, season 2 of fallout might not take too long to arrive on Prime Video.

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