After Mission: Impossible 8, Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie will shoot a violent film

After Mission: Impossible 8, Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie will shoot a violent film

The duo are working on an R-Rated feature film, which they are expected to film before the star heads off into space with Doug Liman.

Currently very busy with Mission: Impossible 7 And 8, Tom Cruise should then find the director of Dead Reckoning (who also directed him in Jack Reacher, Rogue Nation And falloutand who had written Valkyriedirected by Bryan Singer in 2008). Christopher McQuarrie explained in 2020 that he intended to direct a violent film, for adults, with Cruise, once the adventures of Ethan Hunt were completed.

The 61-year-old actor has since let it be known thathe would like to play the spy until he is 80 years oldin the manner of Harrison Ford with Indiana Jones, but the scenario writer assures that they will turn before that their “Horrible Movie” (“Gnarly Movie”in VO) to Empire. Then they could team up again to a music project and/or a comedy about Les Grossman, the crude producer of Thunder in the tropics. Before Cruise doesn’t go to space to box some shots of a Universal blockbuster, supposed to be filmed aboard the ISS by Doug Liman (who directed it in Edge of Tomorrow And Barry Seals)…

John Wick, James Bond, Mission: Impossible… “We are not in competition!”

Asked about his plans outside of the spy saga, here’s McQuarrie’s response: “There’s this movie we’re talking about, Tom and I, that we’d like to do after Mission: Impossible 8. It is written by Erik (Jendresen, the screenwriter of Dead Reckoningeditor’s note) and on the internet it is presented as ‘The Gnarly Movie’. This is a project that the public is asking us for and that we really want to make a reality. It will be a very ‘anti tom’ for him.”

McQuarrie does not say more about the plot, simply that the film will be R-Rated (not recommended for children under 17 unaccompanied by an adult in the United States) because of its violence.

Stay before that at complete the second part of Dead Reckoning for Paramount, if the duo wants to meet the June 26, 2024 release date. Part 1 is currently in theaters. Here is its trailer:

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