Ahsoka: the new trailer reveals the return of Admiral Thrawn

Ahsoka: finally a real Star Wars series on Disney Plus (review)

Thought for the fans of the saga – those who have seen until Clone Wars and Rebels – this new iteration advances like an Episode VI bis which does not hide behind its lightsaber.

After having taken a long and wide interest in the Mandalorian people, after having played the card of espionage pre-RogueOneand after offering an awkward update from Master Kenobi, Star Wars finds its fundamentals on Disney Plus. The new series Ahsoka, which will be launched this Wednesday on the platform, is unreservedly part of the great saga of George Lucas. With its rolling credits as a prelude, it would even have serious airs ofEpisode VI bisexplaining how followers of Palpatine have refused to surrender and are trying to resurrect the Empire.

After Luke, Leia, and Han win the Battle of Jakku at the end of the Return of the Jedi, a New Republic has been instituted in the Galaxy far, far away. But as recent seasons of the mandalorian, the Rebel Alliance is struggling to impose its political power on the different worlds. We know that all of this will end badly and that The First Order of the dark side will regain control from Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Waiting for, Ahsoka will do everything she can to counter the resistance of Palpatine’s followers, who are secretly working for the return of Admiral Thrawn, former general-in-chief of the Emperor’s fleet, defeated and exiled by the heroes of Rebelsat the very end of the eponymous animated series…

There is certainly the problem behind Ahsoka : the new series Star Wars is not quite accessible to the greatest number. In addition to fitting in methodically on the heels of Episode VI, it was produced as a direct sequel to Rebels. Almost season 5… but in live action! Those who haven’t seen anything from the previous four seasons, who don’t know Sabine Wren or who don’t know who Ezra Bridger is, may have a little trouble following and especially getting emotionally invested in this resigned story. Dave Filoni.

But for the others, those who have always been passionate about the universe Star Wars, Ahsoka has something of a form of recognition. The series does not hesitate to multiply the references to past seasons, to explore the mythology of the saga by addressing those who know it inside out, even if it means pushing winks to recently released video games. The characters that Filoni had designed for Rebels are still as strong as ever, even in flesh and bone. The trio of heroines at the controls offers a refreshing new feminine approach and fans of the “Ghost” crew will not shy away from their pleasure.

Especially sinceAhsoka is visually impressive. The narration is rhythmic and does not get lost in philosophical-spatial conjectures. The lightsabers are out and the choreography of the (many) fights has been neat. Ray Stevenson makes a perfect adversary as an ex-Jedi who has fallen to the dark side – a certain Baylan Skoll – accompanied by his apprentice Shin Hati. While waiting for the appearance of Thrawn (absent from the first two episodes), who promises to be one of the biggest villains of Star Wars since a long time. Again, fans of Rebels know what we are talking about…

Ahsoka, in 8 episodes, to see on Disney Plus from August 23.

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