2: a little Philippe Lacheau saved by Didier Bourdon (review) 2: a little Philippe Lacheau saved by Didier Bourdon (review)

This sequel was once again a hit at the box office, even if it hardly convinced.

With 4.2 million admissions in France, 2 has recorded the best score of the “Band to Fifi” At the movie theaterin front of the first part and the Baby sitting, which had already attracted the public in droves. A few months after its release, it is still in the top 5 of 2023 (behind Super Mario Bros., Barbie, Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom And Oppenheimer) and he will be in the spotlight at the Canal + blockbuster evening, from 9:10 p.m. Here’s our review, originally published last February.

Meeting with the team: “The more flaws your character has, the funnier it is” 2 takes place a few years after the first part: Greg (Lacheau) promised his partner Flo (Élodie Fontan) that he would never lie again and closed his agency which offered his clients the chance to buy a golden alibi for all the situations. But when Greg asks Flo (Elodie Fontan) to marry him and has to introduce her to his parents of whom he is ashamed, he decides to restart the machine to find much more presentable false parents…

A “Lacheau movie” small vintage, not shameful but once again designed for a very broad audience, which prevents it from deploying on a more acidic and nasty level of humor (which is what this type of scenario requires). A few jokes still surface (Gad Elmaleh who puts his head in an empty TV to pretend to be a news presenter) but this comedy of lies mainly revolves around the destruction of cartoonish misunderstandings, the film not bothering one bit. second with any form of plausibility.

The incredible situations follow one another at lightning speed (a conviction for housing squatting and an electronic bracelet as a result, a bird that bites a wedding ring, a couple’s fight coming from absolutely nowhere, sunglasses toilet bombs with glue, an exploding bouncy castle…), one chasing the other without further ado. But let’s praise the performance of Didier Bourdon, whose comic timing hits the mark with each line, and who no longer hesitates to make people laugh with his body: no man on Earth can boast of receiving a plate in the buttocks with such panache . Glory to him.

Eleven years after Alain Chabat, Philippe Lacheau at the helm of a new film Marsupilami?

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