Arthur and the Minimoys 4 already exists and it's a horror movie

Arthur and the Minimoys 4 already exists and it’s a horror movie

Do you know Arthur, curse, released in 2022?

As TFX airs tonight Arthur 3: War of the Two Worlds (released 2010), you might be wondering when will be released Arthur and the Invisibles 4 ? The franchise of Luc Besson will she continue?

In reality, it has already extended last year to the cinema with a surprise opus entitled Arthur, curse.

Not so much a sequel, it’s actually a meta movie that plays with the universe of Minimoys as part of a horror script. We follow a teenager, a fan of the film saga Arthur and the Invisibles, who goes to an abandoned house, where the film was shot. They do not know that they are going to fall into a deadly plot…

Luc Besson wrote the screenplay and produced the film, but it’s Barthelemy Grossmann who made it.

A very low-budget production – around 2 million euros compared to 60 million for each of the previous films – and filming on the sly, carried out during the confinements linked to the pandemic in the summer of 2020. This secret project was revealed three months only before the film’s release in French cinemas, in the summer of 2022.

It thus fell entirely under the radar, not helped by half-hearted reviews and baffled feedback from some fans. In total, Arthur, curse will have accumulated only 190,000 admissions in France, i.e. 20 times less than the two previous parts (3 and 4 million admissions) and 35 times less than the first Arthur and the Invisibles (6.3 million admissions in 2006).

Arthur, curse is visible on VOD on Premiere Max

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