The US remake of Squid Game could soon launch its production!

The US remake of Squid Game could soon launch its production!

With David Fincher as producer?

While season 2 of Squid Game is fast approaching, Netflix would have the intention to pursue the exploration of the seam a little further, by making an American remake.

This US version of Squid Game has been whispered for a few months, and it could well materialize soon. The latest issue of the trade magazine Production Weekly announces the launch of production with three producers: the creator of Squid GameHwang Dong-hyuk, but also Kim Ji-yeon and especially… David Fincher !

Since April, the creator of mindhunter is linked to the project in an unofficial way. Fincher would therefore be really working on the US remake of Squid Gamewhich Production Weekly summarizes as follows:

“An American version of the hit Korean series, a spin-off that follows people who fail in life for various reasons, but suddenly receive a mysterious invitation to participate in a survival game to win over US$38 million The game takes place on a remote island and the participants are locked up until there is an eventual winner.”

For the time being, Netflix has not yet made an official announcement on this future series. Squid Game.

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