Barbie at 4 million admissions in France, Oppenheimer close to 3 million

Barbie at 4 million admissions in France, Oppenheimer close to 3 million

Jason Statham and In Very Troubled Waters also got off to a solid start with nearly 700,000 admissions. Quentin Dupieux signs the second best start of his career with Yannick.

Three weeks in a row at the top of the rankings: Barbie continues to dominate the French box office. With an additional million spectators last week, Greta Gerwig’s film is about to cross the bar of 4 million spectators here.

Margot Robbie always ahead Oppenheimer, which remains in second position but maintains very high attendance with 800,000 admissions this week. The biopic will cross the milestone of 3 million tickets sold by tomorrow. It will become Christopher Nolan’s third biggest success in France ahead of The Dark Knight (2018). He might even come to tickle The Dark Knight Rises (2012) and its 4.4 million spectators, even Inception (2010), the filmmaker’s record with us, which had totaled 4.9 million admissions.

Behind the couple of the summer, Jason Statham did not drink the cup. In very troubled waters has already registered 700,000 admissions for its first week, almost identical to the score achieved by the first opus in 2018. This bodes well for the shark film which had a total of 1.7 million spectators at the time.

Even Toto’s Jokes 2 got off to a good start. 340,000 curious people went to see the family comedy, significantly more than the first part which had just passed 200,000 spectators in the first week of 2020.

Note in the rest of the ranking the promising beginnings of Yannick, the new film by Quentin Dupieux. Despite insane competition, the comedy carried by Raphaël Quenard attracts 130,000 curious people and signs the director’s second best start.

Finally, early summer blockbusters remain strong at this box office: Mission: Impossible 7 has just crossed 2 million admissions and Elementary passed 2.5 million.

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