Bill Murray sets his sights on who could play him in the 1975 SNL movie

Bill Murray sets his sights on who could play him in the 1975 SNL movie

The main interested party suggests key actors from the show, including two actresses and an African-American comedian.

In the middle of the frosty promotion of Ghostbusters: The Ice Threat, Bill Murray looked at the actors and actresses he would like to play his own role in the film SNL 1975.

As a reminder, the Saturday Night Live (SNL) is an American sketch show created by Lorne Michaels and developed by Dick Ebersol, broadcast on NBC. The history of the television program has been marked by the presence of Bill Murraywho rose to fame in 1973 on The National Lampoon Radio Hour, before becoming a national presence in the Saturday Night Live from 1977 to 1980, where he received a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series. Subsequently, he sometimes returned as “guest”but Everything hasn't always been rosy behind the scenes at SNL when Murray was there…

It is none other than Jason Reitmandirector of Ghostbusters: Legacy, who is working on the project. The comedy will retrace the daily life, the show, the backstage of the cult show in the light of its Golden Age, the year 1975. The presenters of the time were none other than Dan Aykroyd And John Belushithe legendary duo of Blues Brothers.

It’s time for casting! Dan Aykroyd will be played by Dylan O'Brienthe research head of Labyrinth. John Belushi, Chevy Chase And Garrett Morris will be respectively played by Matt Wood, Cory Michael Smith And Lamorne Morris (May, December).

But then, who could play Bill Murray ? If it is not yet certain that he will appear in this film, since he arrived at SNL a little after the actors mentioned above, but that did not prevent the main interested party from whispering his suggestions to the 'ear of'ET Online :

Focus on the cast of SNL 1975, directed by Jason Reitman

Among his ideas, Bill Hader (Barry), comedic star of SNL, known for his anthology sketches, notably for his revisited version of Ken. During these sketches, Bill Hader responded to the talented Kristen Wiigwhich is also part of the suggestions of Bill Murray to interpret it. The latter continues by mentioning the names of the African-American comedian Kenan Thompson and D'Amy Poelher (Baby Mama), two leading figures of the SNL. These proposals have caused a reaction among fans who are hesitant to take Dr. Venkman's teasing seriously. Ghostbusters.

SNL 1975 does not yet have a broadcast date, but it remains likely that Sony is preparing its release for a very special occasion: the show's fiftieth anniversary. See you in fall 2025?

Seth Green (Buffy, Austin Powers) also denounces Bill Murray's behavior

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