Civil War achieves record launch at the US box office

Civil War achieves record launch at the US box office

The A24 studio is getting off to the best start in its young history.

America likes to scare each other. More divided than ever, the country massively witnessed the chilling prospect of Civil War, this week-end. Alex Garland's dystopian thriller (French release April 17) totaled almost $26 million in Uncle Sam theaters and is taking the lead at the US box office, riding on positive buzz and impressed reviews.

This is the biggest release of an R-Rated film (reserved for adults) this year across the Atlantic and it is also the first time that A24 has topped the charts in North America, setting an opening record for the New York studio. It will be noted that Civil War is also the most expensive film in the short history of A24 (launched in 2012) with 50 million dollars.

The only novelty of the weekend, Civil War beat estimates that predicted a launch of around 20 million, to double Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, which falls to second place, for its third week, with an additional $15.4 million in revenue over the weekend, bringing its total to $157.9 million at the US box office. The Titans are slowly but surely approaching $500 million worldwide.

Ghostbusters: The Ice Threat still resists, with 5.3 million dollars for its 4th weekend. The sci-fi comedy grossed $96 million at the US box office and $160 million worldwide. The final recipe will be disappointing for Sony in any case, even if we cannot speak of a flop.

In the rest of the ranking, Kung Fu Panda 4 reached $173 million in North America and over $452 million worldwide, while Dune 2 peaked at $272 million at the US box office and $683 million at the worldwide box office.

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