Black Phone Director Takes V/H/S Horror Saga to the '80s (Trailer)

Black Phone Director Takes V/H/S Horror Saga to the ’80s (Trailer)

Scott Derrickson is one of the directors who share the sixth installment of the franchise.

The trailer of V/H/S 85 propels the horror saga into a delicious retro universe returned to fashion. Several directors share the bill for this sketch film, including Scott Derrickson (Sinister, Doctor Strange, Black Phone). The franchise principle V/H/S (the first part was released in 2012 with director Ti West in his team) is as follows: VHS tapes are discovered and their viewing reveals several stories, each more horrific than the next.

The saga is particularly cult among lovers of horror and found footage (subgenre that plays on the discovery of falsely authentic video materials, popularized by The Blair Witch Project And Paranormal Activity). This new opus is no exception to the rule and perpetuates the cycle of terror initiated in 2012. The film will be available in October 2023 in the United States on the Shudder platform.

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