Bryan Cranston mourns his Breaking Bad friend Mark Margolis

Bryan Cranston mourns his Breaking Bad friend Mark Margolis

“Funny and captivating in life, intimidating and frightening on the set”, the interpreter of Hector Salamanca died at the age of 83.

Last Thursday, the son of Mark Margolis announced the death of his 83-year-old father. The actor of breaking Badwho died at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, played the ruthless drug lord Hector “Tio” Salamanca in the cult series.

First appearing in Season 2 in 2009, he has become one of the show’s most famous villains. His character being paralyzed, the actor was able to make an impression, even without speaking, only with the help of his facial expressions and a bell attached to his chair. His performance notably earned him an Emmy Award nomination in 2012. Mark Margolis also appears in the prequel series to breaking Bad : Better Call Saulstill in the role of Salamanca.

Bryan Cranston, his friend and playing partner, paid tribute to him on Instagram. After breaking Badthe two actors were later reunited in Your Honor, series about a judge having to make a choice: deliver his son to the authorities, or cover up a criminal.

“I am very saddened to learn of the death of one of my friends. Mark Margolis was a very good actor and a lovely human being. Funny and captivating in life, intimidating and scary on set, his quiet energy concealed a mischievous nature and inquisitive mind… He loved sharing a good joke. I miss him already. Rest now, Mark, and thank you for your friendship and outstanding work.”he wrote on the social network.

On the official Twitter account of breaking Bada short text is also dedicated to the actor: “We join the millions of fans mourning the death of the immensely talented Mark Margolis, who – with his eyes, a bell and very few words – made Hector Salamanca one of the most unforgettable characters in the movie. television history. We will miss him”.

Mark Margolis is also known for his roles in other series such as American Horror Story season 2, The Equalizer, Oz Or Kings. He also appeared in Scarface, Requiem for a Dream Or again Ace Ventura, dog and cat detective.

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