Loki season 2 is going to have to deal with the Jonathan Majors case

Marvel fires Jonathan Majors, found guilty at trial

The actor who played Kang was prosecuted for assault and harassment of his former partner.

The fall of Jonathan Majors was as meteoric as his rise. On Monday, at the end of his trial, which took place in New York, the MCU star was found guilty by a jury of assault and harassment of Grace Jabbari, who was his girlfriend at the time. He will receive his sentence on February 6. As for his career in cinema, the ax has already fallen: Marvel immediately announced that he would no longer work with the man who played Kang since 2021.

The jury acquitted him on two counts, but Jonathan Majors faces up to a year in prison or at least probation. His lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, believes that the jury recognized that he did not intentionally hurt the victim during their argument, and declared that he had “faith in the procedure“and still hoped”completely clear his name“.

Regardless, the 34-year-old actor now seems completely burned out in Hollywood. Following his arrest last March, he was quickly let go by his agency. Then, Searchlight Pictures removed from its schedule Dream Magazinea drama presented at Sundance where Jonathan Majors was a sensation as a rising bodybuilding star willing to risk his health to succeed.

The studio was going to launch a campaign for the critically acclaimed film, and Majors was tipped for a nomination for theAcademy Award for Best Actor. A few months later, all this seems far away. While he was supposed to play the super villain of the MCU for years to come and at the same time take on major roles, such as the Otis Redding biopic for which he was approached.

Revealed in 2019 in the independent film The Last Black Man in San Franciscothen in 2020 in the HBO series Lovecraft Country and the movie Da 5 Bloods by Spike Lee, Jonathan Majors had experienced an irresistible rise in recent years. We then found him in the western The Harder They Fall, Devotion with Glen Powell, and as antagonist of Michael B. Jordan in Creed IIIfew months ago.

Marvel therefore finds himself in embarrassment. Introduced in the series Loki in 2021, he embodied “the one who remains“, a.k.a Kang the Conqueror. Introduced to the cinema in Ant-Man: Quantumaniahe was to be the super villain of the MCU for the years to come, the “Thanos” of Phase 5 and 6. He even made his return in Loki, despite his legal setbacks. But with the end of season 2, Marvel had opened a way out to get rid of the character, or at least the version played by Majors.

Will Marvel recast Kang or replace him with another villain (from Doctor Doom to Galactus, there is no shortage of options)? Last November, director Destin Daniel Cretton had already left the upcoming film Avengersplanned for 2026 and titled… The Kang Dynasty.

Was Kang deleted from the end of Loki, season 2, for the rest of the MCU?

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