Can you look Tom Cruise in the eye while filming?

Can you look Tom Cruise in the eye while filming?

According to Simon Pegg, Tom Cruise is an enigmatic star, but also “a normal guy”.

At over 60, Tom Cruise just put on the Ethan Hunt costume again for Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1the seventh adventure of the American spy, which will be released this Wednesday in French cinemas.

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On this occasion, the Times devotes a large paper to the release of the film, for which Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg and director Christopher MacQuarrie engaged in a discussion. Asked by the latter about the craziest rumor concerning him, Cruise says that he is always flabbergasted to hear that it would be forbidden to look him in the eye during the filming of his films. A fantasy denied by Simon Pegg.

I managed to overcome all these theories surrounding it. On the one hand, we have Tom Cruise, this enigmatic star whose life everyone wants to know. On the other side, he’s just a normal guy. I just like being normal with him”, says Pegg. In the article, the actor also returns to this famous moment of tension during the filming where the star had barked at members of the staff who had not respected the health protocol: “Everything that mattered to Tom, in his work, was in danger because of the pandemic. According to him, there was a potential danger that this virus would wipe cinema from the face of the earth…

Tom Cruise will be back in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1which will be released this Wednesday, July 12 in French cinemas.

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