Cillian Murphy is a fan of La Haine

Cillian Murphy is a fan of La Haine

“I even had the t-shirt back then! And I wasn’t an actor yet…” laughs the Oppenheimer star.

On the occasion of the theatrical release ofOppenheimerdirector Christopher Nolan and its main actor Cillian Murphy participated in Konbini’s Video Club show. The actor took advantage of their stroll among thousands of DVDs to proclaim his love for Hatred.

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Cillian loves Mathieu Kassovitz’s film, Vincent Cassel’s performance, Cut Killer’s music… “It’s one of my favorite movies. he comments. I showed it to my kids recently, they were completely blown away. I find it a masterpiece. It hasn’t aged, it’s still just as relevant. It was shot brilliantly. And we find once again this black and white (the duo spoke just before black and white works having influenced Oppenheimereditor’s note). I saw it in 1995, I wasn’t even an actor yet. I just liked the cinema. I had a t-shirt Hatred and all. I had bought a special edition of the DVD. I was obsessed with this movie. And the music…His soundtrack is absolutely amazing.”

A beautiful declaration of love to the cinema, when “Barbenheimer” brings the public together in theaters: Barbie broke several records this weekend at the box office, and Oppenheimer got off to a good start too. Details are to be read here.

Here is the trailer for the biopic of the creator of the atomic bomb, to discover in theaters:

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