Cat's Eyes: TF1's "live" series unveils an ambitious trailer

Cat’s Eyes: TF1’s “live” series unveils an ambitious trailer

It’s a risky adaptation, but one that has clearly benefited from significant resources. See you in September to see the result.

Taking advantage of the Euro semi-final between France and Spain, watched by 16 million viewers, TF1 unveiled the very first trailer for its major series of the new season: Cat’s Eyes

Modern and Parisian adaptation of the cult manga by Tsukasa Hojothis live action version of Cat’s Eye will follow three sisters seeking to avenge the death of their father, who died in a fire at his art gallery twelve years earlier. Alexia, Tam and Sylia reunite and when a work that belonged to their father strangely resurfaces during a prestigious exhibition at the Eiffel Tower, they realize that the fire may not have been entirely accidental.

We understand from the video that the three Chamade sisters, played by Camille Lou, Constance Labbé And Claire Romain will thus chain the missions, episode after episode, to gradually recover the works stolen from their family. Gilbert Melki will be the big bad guy, art trafficker, whileElodie Fontan will play a killer in a role against type.

The trailer suggests careful staging and some spectacular stunts, while the great love story between Tam and Quentin (played by rapper MB14) will spice up the story.

Produced by Alexandre Laurentseries Cat’s Eyes live will be broadcast at the start of the school year on TF1. No specific date yet.

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